The journey starts here (again)

calendarI’ve been on a diet on and off since I was in my teens. I love food. When I stop thinking about food and just eat what I want, it’s not that unhealthy (lots of veggies, mostly fresh, brown rice, not much pudding, etc. etc.). But portions are large, and it’s quite hard to stop once I’ve started. Buffets are impossible. Could I have seconds? How about thirds? The phrase “all you can eat” is not a description, but a challenge.

Snacks, once I’ve started, are also a bit of an issue. Particularly when I’m giving up smoking (which is pretty much all the time). If I don’t have any biscuits I’m fine, but if I have one I’ll probably have eight.

I’ve tried several different diets over the decades and they all work for a while. I’ve lost 70lbs via WeightWatchers (and 45lbs, and 30lbs). I’ve lost 35lbs on Slimming World. I’ve even lost 20lbs on 5-2 intermittent fasting. Every diet, eventually, becomes routine. My body adapts, I drift off and the weight drifts back on.

The new plan

I’ve done some reading and some thinking and it seems to me that, when it comes to losing weight, most diets work if you stick to them. I’m easily distracted and the issue for me is not understanding the diet but sticking to the diet long term. Short term compliance I can do, it’s when it gets boring that I get distracted.

So – for now – I’m going to do a different diet every 4 weeks or so, and report on how it goes. I can do anything for 4 weeks.


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