Breakfasts in low-carb land

Breakfast for me is usually a bowl of bran flakes or some granola with soya milk and whatever fruit is to hand. Maybe toast, and marmite.  None of that’s allowed on low-carb so I’ve done quite a bit of experimentation.


The obvious option is the omelette. I ate a lot of omelettes in my low-carb month. Mostly veggie ones, sometimes with a bit of cheese added. I don’t need to tell anyone how to make an omelette but here’s a picture anyway.


Low-carb granola

The next thing I tried was low-carb granola. You can make a granola-a-like mix thing for about 5g of net carbs a serving (2 tablespoons). Have this with a couple of berries and some yoghurt and it’s almost like a proper breakfast.

Which yoghurt? Unsweetened, of course. Beyond that I just read the cartons and get the one which has the lowest carbs. Lactose is of course a sugar so yoghurt is not low carb, particularly not the “Low Fat” ones as they quite often have more lactose.


There are several low-carb granola recipes out there in the blogosphere – I’ve made this one at low carb maven and this one from They’re both pretty tasty but I’ve gone off-piste and started inventing my own because it’s not that hard. Basically you want

  • 200g ish of dessicated coconut
  • 200g ish of seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, linseed)
  • 50-100g of various nuts chopped up
  • 3 tbsp coconut oil
  • some sweetener and a pinch of salt
  • Some spices – ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, that kind of thing

Melt the coconut oil, put it in a baking tray with the stuff, stir it, put it in the oven on a medium heat (180c approx – gas mark 5, 350f) for 25 minutes or so. Stir it every 3 minutes or else it burns and good golly those ingredients are expensive so you don’t want to do that oh no you don’t.

Low carb “pancakes”

This wasn’t so much a conscious breakfast choice as a weekend treat on the last weekend of the low-carb diet. Frankly, I chose to make it because we needed to use up some cream cheese. The recipe is easy in terms of ingredients – cream cheese, eggs, cinnamon, sweetener – but the execution was harder than I thought. You can find the instructions here at I breathe I’m hungry. Six eggs and half a packet of cream cheese made us five decent pan-sized pancakes but we only ate two each, because the first one was crap and went straight to the compost[1].


Quite nice fried cheesy cinnamon egg things, but not really pancakes.  Filled a hole.


[1] They burn quite easily

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