Low carb dinners

In the low carb month we ate a lot of cheese. Indeed I think I only managed 2 vegan days in the whole month (chia pudding for breakfast, salad and nuts for lunch, tofu stirfry with konjac moodles for tea). Vegan low-carb is something you have to try and aim for; it’s not something you can do by accident.

Two dishes were good and tasty enough to turn into regulars, and might well make a reappearance later on when another diet allows them…

Veggie layer bake thing

(I’m not very good at inventing recipe names)

Drizzle bowl with olive oil. Layer veg in a big oven proof bowl, every now and then adding a layer of herbs, salt, pepper, or a little more oil. Put cheese on top. Put it in the oven on 180/gas 5. Go for a 45 minute walk. Eat dinner.  The one pictured here was oil, aubergine, salt, tomato, basil, oil, mushroom, kale, basil, spinach, oil, courgette, mozzarella, salt and pepper.


Low carb Thai veggie soup

This is based loosely on Tom Kha Kai (a spicy Thai Chicken Soup with coconut milk) but my version is less tasty, vegetarian, can be stuck in the slow cooker in the morning and eaten in the evening, and most importantly only involves ingredients you can buy in small-town Wales.

  • 3 cloves of garlic and about the same amount of ginger
  • Coriander – leaves and stalks – loads (half a packet? half of one of those small plants you can buy n the supermarket sometimes?)
  • Some lemongrass – if you can’t find fresh you may be able to find some in jars in the spice aisle. 2 sticks or a couple of teaspoons of paste or a little more than that in dried.
  • 5 or 6 Spring onions
  • A bag of Quorn chicken style pieces
  • Lots of mushrooms – doesn’t matter which type (fancy ones are nice though)
  • Tomatoes – 4 medium
  • 2 tins of coconut milk
  • Salt
  • Chillis

Smash up the garlic, ginger, salt and half the coriander. Hold back the other half of the coriander for garnish. Put everything else in the slow cooker, put it on low, eat it when you get home from work garnished with the rest of the coriander.

Or alternatively, cook it on the stove in a pan for about 40m stirring occasionally.

I didn’t take a photograph so you’ll have to just imagine it.

Fat Head Pizza

The low carb online community rave about things which are kind-of breadlike. In particular the quest for the perfect low-carb pizza is definitely a thing. In the spirit of experimentation I had to try this one night – and made the infamous Fat Head Pizza. The base is an unholy concoction of almond flour, eggs, and cream cheese. The toppings are up to you.

As I deliberately make enough food for lunch as well as dinner I thought I’d double the recipe and try two different toppings. That was a mistake – this stuff is filling. Also, low carbers seem to write big recipes. I had this for 4 meals in a row. I doubt it’s an experience I’ll choose to repeat.


Other low carb dinners

  • Omelettes. Lots and lots of omelettes. With cheese, without cheese, with pretty much every vegetable you can think of.
  • Salads of every variety
  • Aubergine boats (cut an aubergine in half, slash the flesh with a knife, stuff garlic in the slashes, drizzle with olive oil, bake till tasty).
  • Stews with non-carby veg
  • Sunday roast without the spuds


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