Low carb: effects and side effects

As a diet aiming to lose weight, the main thing I was after was weight loss.

That happened pretty dramatically – although not consistently. In 4 weeks I lost just over 5% of my starting weight (12lb in total).


Side effects

People talk about “the Keto flu” for the first couple of days on a low-carb diet – headaches, muscle aches, brain fog. This certainly happened. It lasted a bit longer than advertised, too. The recommended solution is to eat more salt and drink more water, which works up to a point but I did find myself taking several paracetamol as the trial went on.

At the risk of providing too much information… my digestion was disturbed by the change. It got quite grouchy at several points, gut ache, speeding up and slowing down. I didn’t get as far as taking fibre supplements but I think if I were to try this diet long term I’d have to consider something.

Of course, I’m not going to do this diet long term. This one was not a great fit for me.

Other stats

16/28 days were veggie, so just over half. I’d like to do better than this.

I got 10,000 or more steps every day bar one, and on that day I went on a 10 mile bike ride (so I’m counting that as exercise anyway).

I didn’t drink any alcohol in the 28 day period, and I didn’t smoke any cigarettes either.

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