Breakfasts in slow-carb land

In slow-carb land you’re supposed to eat 30g of protein for breakfast. You’re also supposed to try to eat something from every food category (in slow-carb the categories are protein, legumes/pulses, veggies, oil, spices) at every meal but this is less important.

30g of protein is a lot. It’s 5-6 eggs, or two cups of cooked lentils, or something like 7 rashers of bacon.

So I made a batch of lentil burgers[1] with extra protein (pea protein powder). And had them with omelettes.


Then I made some lentil sauce[2] and had that with omelettes.


It takes a lot of prep to ensure that there are lentils ready for breakfast. Also, it turns out that even I can get a bit sick of beans and lentils after several weeks of breakfasts.

The thing is though, getting that much protein from omelettes alone involves eating 6 eggs. SIX EGGS. That’s a fuck of a lot of egg, which is also quite a lot of calorie. However the protein content of an egg is mostly in the white, so using some egg whites to add to the omelette can mean you get more protein but it’s not quite so … eggy.

ew I never thought I’d find myself buying partial eggs in a carton but it made the breakfast thing easier. I’ll be happy not to have to do that again though.

The last breakfast option I tried is probably my favourite yet: spicy black beans[3] with egg and spinach. The chilli & bean & egg combo works well for me. And I did the beans in the slow cooker, so they didn’t take much effort.


Next month I’m picking a diet which allows marmite on toast though.

Footnotes which in this particular case are actually recipes

Note: all of these make LOADS of food. All of these freeze really well.

[1] Lentil burgers

Boil up about 500g of nice juicy lentils (brown / green / puy / a mixture). Ideally, these would have been soaked overnight but if you can’t be arsed then just boil for longer. Don’t put salt in until the last 10 minutes or so (putting it in too early makes them hard).

Stir in two thinly sliced fried onions (sliced long because the strands help hold it together) and a grated carrot (similar). Also stir in smoked paprika, some cumin powder and a bit of chilli powder. Quantities of spices are up to you. I use a teaspoon or more of each.

Mix it all up with an egg or two to bind (if you’re trying to avoid eggs, then a flax egg will do… but if you’re trying to avoid eggs this is not the diet for you). Roll it into balls then squash them flat in some gram flour to coat so they’re burger shaped.

Final step is optional but useful: if you freeze them for a bit they’ll hold their shape in a way that they might not do otherwise.

[2] Lentil sauce

This is easy. Boil up about 500g of nice juicy lentils as before. Add in some stock towards the end (cubed/granules/fresh if you have it…). Stir in fried onions and mushrooms. If it’s too runny scrape some liquid off, if it’s not runny enough add some more stock. Job done.

[3] Spicy black beans

Soak 500g of beans – pref overnight. Wash thoroughly and change the water (it’ll be black and contain a bit of the starch). Then chuck them in the slow cooker with a finely chopped onion, a tablespoon of oregano, a couple of nice hot chillis, two teaspoons of cumin and two teaspoons of stock powder (I’m guessing a stock cube would do here too). Put the slow cooker on low in the evening and eat them at breakfast. Freeze the rest.



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