Diet #3: The No S Diet

After two months of fairly severe “food list and lots of rules” diets I decided it was time for an easy-to-follow one so the March diet will be the No S Diet. This is a system of eating which is designed to be simple and gimmick free, and which can be summarised in 15 words.

  • No sweets,
  • No snacks,
  • No seconds

except (sometimes) on days which begin with an S.


Basically, you can have what you want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as long as you only have one plate of it. On S-days you can if you want have more, eat snacks, whatever.

What’s an S-day?

Saturdays, Sundays, Special days, Sick days. Don’t go mad every weekend, and certainly don’t call every day special – it’s for major events like close family birthdays and so on. Looking ahead at the coming month there are two occasions during the week where I’m going to call “S-Day”, and those are both work-related travel/conference things. My plan is to try not to “S-Day” a couple of weekend days to balance these out.

But surely this diet means you can eat anything?

There’s a reassuringly sensible “don’t an idiot” thread running through this diet. Whilst you could eat a full-Welsh breakfast, fish and chips for lunch then a 14″ dominoes meat feast pizza for tea that’d be stupid. The plan is that you’re sensible when you eat your three meals a day.

What about drinking?

The No-S diet’s author, Rheinhard Engels, has a handful of Everyday Systems of which the No-S diet is just one. For alcohol, the system is called Glass Ceiling and says maximum 2 drinks/day. I’m currently debating whether to stick to this on weekdays, or whether to just include booze as an “S” day treat.

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