Guest post: slow carb diet diary

This is another guest post written by Roger.

Diet diary: 2

I have just enjoyed [sic] a month on the “slow carb” diet, and think that the community needs to know my opinions. The diet is documented in a naff book1

Close control of catering is of course the domain of the Frau, and this diet is so pernickety that I never really got to grips with the rules. And so broke them rather too often. It allows lentils etc., so hurray! But I find that eating lentils for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 28 days rather reduces one’s enthusiasm for them. If I see a lentil today, I think I will shoot it. Thus, fatigue with the choice was another encouragement to break the rules.

A picture of a pint of lager and a packet of crisps

In fairness, January had been a “no carb” diet (I think), and so this regime coming so soon afterward left it at a disadvanatge.

Whatever, I have devised an objective scoring scheme with which you will be familiar, so it is easy to generate a fair judgement. During the month I found the diet exceptionally hard to stick to, and if you believe the weighing machine in my bathroom (which nobody in their right mind would) I gained about 12lb in 4 weeks. Ergo, I score it at 1 for tolerability and 0 for effectiveness (I now wish I had permitted the scheme to use negative numbers). If I’d seen the book before the diet, I think I may have opted out … my diet2 promises to be much better.

The scores to date:

Month Regime T E M, α=0.5 M, α=1 M, α=1.5
January Low carb 3 8 7 11 15
February Slow carb 1 0 1 1 1
March SSSS

More anon.

1. The 4 hour body, T Ferriss, Random House. This book is naff.  
I. Dieting without tears or willpower, Roger Boyle, Y Lolfa, forthcoming 2018. Dr Boyle exhibits a dietary regime that does not alter what you eat, or when you eat it. Likewise what you drink and smoke. The results are astounding. Testimonials: “Roger is my Hero”, H Dee; “He treats food as bathos, and drink with antistrophe.” L Blissett. 

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