Slow carb: effects and side effects

I thought I was going to like this diet as I liked the low carb, and I like lentils and beans a lot. However, after a short period of excitement, the diet began to grind. And not just in a digestive sense.

Things I didn’t like about the slow carb diet

  • Eating 30g of protein first thing in the morning is a major challenge
  • Eating some kind of beans or lentils at most meals got boring even for me
  • Eating out without eating meat is pretty much impossible
  • No fruit allowed
  • The book is really irritating
  • The web forums are also really irritating
  • The restricted food list was really restrictive
  • From time to time we got pretty damn flatulent. PARP.

Things I really didn’t like about the slow carb diet

  • I followed it fairly well for 4 weeks and only lost 2lb [1]

chart (1)

(Low carb in blue, slow carb in red.)

Other stats

14/28 days were veggie. I’d like to do better than that.

I got my 10k steps (or some other form of exercise) nearly every day – 26/28 days.

I didn’t drink on 23/28 days, that’s 82% teetotal. Not bad for a diet which allowed a glass or two of wine each night.

However, I did smoke cigarettes in 3/28 days so I was over 10% smoker. Again, must do better.


[1] The observant amongst you might spot that the scale has changed slightly on this graph since last update. That is because I have some new bathroom scales, and have recalibrated all measurements thus far based upon a constant delta assumption, which is probably flawed but will do for comparison purposes.

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