Indian vegetarian cooking

A bunch of people I know on Facebook have been going on about a particular set of cookbooks – Prashad Pink and Prashad Blue. A bit of digging and I find out that these books are called Prashad Cookbook: Indian Vegetarian Cooking (pink cover), and Prashad at home: Everyday Indian Cooking from our vegetarian kitchen (blue cover, with a lot of easy recipes for cooking in a hurry).

Given that this month’s diet allows me to eat what I want as long as I only have 3 meals a day (and don’t go mad) I have been eating a lot of curry.

This is probably not as bad a plan as it sounds, if you concentrate on veggie curry. The main calorie content for veggie curry is the oil, and so I’ve been reducing that quite a bit (100ml of oil for a dish that feeds 4 is quite a lot, so I’ve been reducing the oil content by about 2/3).   I’ve made 10 different recipes from these books now and they’ve all been fantastic.


Clockwise from top: sprouted mung beans, spinach infused with garlic and fenugreek, sweetcorn and red pepper curry, garlic mushrooms, aubergine and potato. Yum.

The sprouted mung bean one – from the blue book – is I think my favourite so far. But there are a lot more to test.

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