Guest post: No-S diet diary

This is the third guest post from Roger.


Last month was the SS diet, which stands for “Seconds and Sweets [no]”. I think there may be another S, but I can’t recall whether that stands for “sausages” or “semolina”. The Frau will know.

The idea is twofold (or 3-fold, if you remember what the other S is): cut down on sugary things, and eat less. This is, I suppose, the “nudge” principle which encourages a change of behaviour that you can live with long term – we can expect this to be a reasonable approach.

In pursuit of this, we procured dinner plates of reduced radius. If we model a plate of food (see picture – the food is red) as filling the plate of radius r to a depth d, then dinner is πr2d in volume.


The old plates had r=5, and the new ones r=4.75, so we are eating 10% less dinner (do the sums). Winner! (More elaborate models exist).

I have devised an objective scoring scheme for diets with which you will be familiar, so we can now judge the SS diet. During the month I found the diet easy to stick to as you are allowed to ignore it when you want to, and if you believe the weighing machine in my bathroom (which nobody in their right mind would) I lost about 3lb in 4 weeks. Ergo, I score it at 8 for tolerability and 5 for effectiveness.

The scores to date:

Month Regime T E M, α=0.5 M, α=1 M, α=1.5
January Low carb 3 8 7 11 15
February Slow carb 1 0 1 1 1
March SSSS 8 5 10.5 13 16.5
April 5-2

My dietpromises to be much better, but next month is the 5:2 (actually, x:7-x).
More anon.

1. Dieting without tears or willpower, Roger Boyle, Y Lolfa, forthcoming 2018. Dr Boyle exhibits a dietary regime that does not alter what you eat, or when you eat it. Likewise what you drink and smoke. The results are astounding. Testimonials: “Roger is my Hero”, H Dee; “He treats food as bathos, and drink with antistrophe.” L Blissett.

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