No-S: Effects and side effects

The key thing about the No-S diet (“No Sweets, No Snacks, No Seconds, except sometimes on days which begin with an ‘s'”) is that it’s an exercise in moderation. In particular, you could follow the letter of the diet and eat utter junk – and that’s fine. So you have to also use your brain and eat sensible food, and not too much of it.

To this end, we got some new plates (slightly smaller) which mean that we should be generally eating a little less. We also generally tried to eat well.

Things I liked about the No-S Diet

  • It’s flexible
  • It’s sensible
  • It lets you have what you want a few times a week

Things I didn’t like about the No-S Diet

  • Not having something after dinner (fruit, yoghurt, that kinda thing)


I found this diet surprisingly effective when it comes to losing weight – indeed it was more effective than the previous month’s slightly mad and irritatingly restrictive “slow carb diet”. I have now passed the 10% mark[1].

chart (4)

Other stats

25/28 days were vegetarian which is great. It turns out a diet where you can eat what you want within reason works well with trying to be more plant-based.

I got my 10k steps on all but 2 days – one of these I was poorly, and the other I’d worked the Saturday open day at uni and was just exhausted after talking to potential students all afternoon.

I smoked on 6/28 days – this has been creeping up again and I think I need to have a concerted effort at re-quitting the fags again.

I was teetotal on 21/28 days which I’d be happy with, but …it is no coincidence that the number of days I smoked is very similar to the number of days I had a drink.


[1] which means that if I were doing WeightWatchers I’d have been awarded a keyring this morning


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