Intermittent fasting: effects and side effects

Intermittent fasting is another flexible diet approach where it’s pretty easy if you plan ahead and choose your fast days well. 500 calories is not a lot, and is really not easy to do if you’re not cooking yourself (so going out on fast days is not really possible).

Things I liked about the 5:2

  • Being able to do what you want for much of the week
  • Easy to eat out, if you choose your 5 days well

Things I didn’t like about the 5:2

  • I get very hungry on the 2
  • I tend to go a bit overboard the day after
  • If plans get disrupted it can throw the whole week out – you have to choose the fast days with care, and ideally have a back-up potential fast day just in case something goes awry. For example, the day my cat died was supposed to be a fast day, but it ended up involving a packet of fags, 5 pints, and a fish and chips supper. C’est la vie.


As mentioned in The compliance question: intermittent fasting this hasn’t been the best month for dieting. Or the most strictly followed of diets. I’ve lost 1.5lb over the month which is just fine in those circumstances.

chart (6)

Other stats

20/28 days were vegetarian which is not bad.

I got my 10k steps on all but 3 days – one of these I was poorly (alright, hungover),  one was a very long train journey, and the other I’d been to the gym and done quite a bit of non-walking exercise so I’m not that bothered about that one.

I smoked on 12/28 days – this turned into a proper slippery slope and I was even on the smoking bench at work at one point. I made a decision a while ago that I’d rather be a fat non-smoker than a skinny smoker so if something is going to give it’s the diet. So I haven’t had a drink or a cigarette since last Monday and this time (yeah right) I’m going to stick with it…

I was teetotal on 17/28 days which is more than half, but given the cigarette thing could really be improved upon.

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