Diet #5: Huel

Huel [1] is a vegan, nutritionally complete powder which can be used in the place of meals.

It’s not really a diet – it’s designed for busy nerds who don’t know how to cook, as far as I can tell. Based on oats, pea protein and other reasonably good stuff, with added vitamins, it’s possible to opt out of eating entirely and just consume this stuff. Names we have called it so far:

  • Astronaut food
  • Hipster slimfast
  • Lots of things involving swearing

Several people I know have used Huel as a convenient lunch/breakfast solution which is minimum effort, and healthy. And whilst it’s not designed for weight loss it is often used for that.  When Hueling for weight loss there seem to be two main strategies –

  • Full Huel for N calories a day, where N depends on various factors
  • Huel for breakfast and lunch, then a light dinner

As this is a somewhat experimental dietary “system” I am going to invent my own rules. SO for Huel Month:

  • I’ll have one day off a week
  • I’ll do full Huel for week 1. I mean, if you’re going to follow a bonkers diet you might as well go all-out, right?  1500 calories of gloop per day, bring it on
  • I’ll do Huel for 2 meals/day and a light proper meal for dinner in week 2. I’m not going to weigh stuff and count calories but I’ll aim to be around 1500 calories per day in total
  • I’ll only snack on fruit (and not all the time)
  • I’ll decide what happens in weeks 3 and 4 when I get there. Might be a repeat of weeks 1 and 2, might just be a repeat of week 2.  Depends how terrible this week is.


[1] That link is a referral link which means I’ll get some money off and so will you if you choose to do Huel. If you want to look at the site without the referral link it’s here: Huel

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