I ran out of Huel!!

I have a subscription and set it to renew on Saturday, but it turns out that if it renews on a Saturday you don’t get your stuff till Tuesday (otherwise, it’s next day delivery). My next batch of powder will be delivered between 3 and 4 today.

Until then, I’ve got about a scoop left which will do me a mid-morning snack but it’s not enough for breakfast and lunch too, so I had to go shopping yesterday. This wasn’t part of the plan but I have decided to use it as an opportunity to road test another – less fashionable – meal replacement foodstuff. Slimfast Chunky Chocolate (the choice was that or strawberry in Morrisons, and I don’t really like fake fruit flavours).

I didn’t read the packaging so I didn’t realise it needed to be mixed with skimmed milk – Huel is a “just add water” product and we don’t usually have milk in the house. We do, however, have some soya milk so that had to do. Voila! 270 calories (approximately) of nutritional meal replacement breakfast fun. Chocolate flavour.


It’s smoother than Huel, which is I think a good thing. It tastes much sweeter and artificial – like Huel with the “flavour boost” sachets. It also tastes a bit less filling (if that’s something it’s possible to taste).  I think I prefer Huel – tastes more natural, somehow. And less sweet, particularly if you go for half plain & half vanilla Huel.

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