The compliance question: Huel

I thought that this was going to be one of the harder diets to comply with, given that it involved giving up, like, actual solid food.

Instead, it’s been totally fine. I haven’t cheated once, and I’ve done two weeks of “Full Huel”, and two weeks of “Semi Huel”.

The “Semi Huel” diet scheme was very easy to follow. Huel up until the evening meal then eat something sensible (with a day off a week) worked pretty well – I didn’t go mad in the evenings and I didn’t get hungry in the daytimes. The “Full Huel” diet scheme I invented (Huel + fruit, with a day off a week) has been surprisingly easy to stick with.

What about lunches?


A lunchbox of Huel mixed with instant coffee (decaf – I made that mistake just once) and the Huel shaker fit into my work bag fine, and all you need to do then is to find some tap water to mix it up. I forgot the Huel shaker once, and had to make my lunch and mid-morning snack using a mug, whisking the Huel with a fork. That was a texturally unpleasant experience.

What about business travel?

A lunchbox of Huel and the shaker are a lot lighter than most food I’d travel with – it’s dried, too, so fine for airports. In the course of the month there was just one point when tap water was hard to find, and I bought 2l of springwater from a supermarket.

What about snacking?

I have just snacked on Huel. Basically, the routine I developed involves 2 scoops for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and another 2 at bedtime. I’d have between 10 and 12 scoops in a day, and the extra ones I have as snacks. If I was on Semi Huel and eating a proper meal in the evening, I’d have 6-7 scoops during the day.

How easy was it to be veggie?

Trivial. Huel is vegan. I was veggie on my days off, and so this makes my first 100% veggie 4-week diet – and I probably managed over 75% vegan, but I wasn’t tracking that.

What about eating out?

HA HA HA HA HA nope.

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