Huel: effects and side effects

The 4-week Huel fest was – as I’ve mentioned before – much less shit than I was expecting it to be. To be honest, I included this diet as a kind of hipster joke diet. I’ve been pleasantly proven wrong. I will in the future keep some Huel in the cupboard, and have it for lunch from time to time when my plans go awry.

Things I liked about Huel

  • If you clean the cooker, it stays clean for weeks
  • Washing up involves a hand-blender and two shaker cups
  • Shopping doesn’t really have to happen
  • It’s actually quite nice if you blend it with fruit
  • It’s cheap
  • I felt pretty good on it

Things I didn’t like about Huel

  • It got a bit boring from time to time
  • The look of bemusement from friends who couldn’t really believe that I found it OK


It’s been a good 4 weeks for weight loss. It’s also been a good 4 weeks for all the other stuff too – so it may well not all be due to Huel. But as a weight loss strategy, consuming 1500-1800 calories of Huel a day certainly works.

chart (8)

Other stats

I didn’t eat any meat, drink any alcohol, or smoke any cigarettes over the last 4 weeks. I got 10k steps on 25/28 days, and on the days when I didn’t get 10k steps I did something else (like a bike ride). This has been the most exercisey 4-week period so far.

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