The compliance question: Clever Guts

This diet – being a combination of the 5:2 diet with the Mediterranean diet but with more fermented stuff – should properly have been harder to follow than the 5:2, but it wasn’t. This is partly because the fast days on Clever Guts can be 800 calorie, or extended overnight fasts, and don’t have to be a strict “500 calories in a 24h period” which is frankly quite challenging.

The other reason it was easier is that I felt it encouraged me to eat different things, rather than just avoiding specific types of food. Yes, there were things to avoid (sugar, sweeteners, processed food, most booze, etc.) but mostly it felt as though the diet was about eating interesting food rather than restriction. Particularly coming after Huel this was a real bonus and I could embrace my foodie side again.

I did have a couple of fail days: buffets continue to be my nemesis and the allure of free food is strong.  I also had some Options diet hot choc every now and then because sometimes it’s nice to have a sweet thing at the end of the day. But mostly, this diet has been fine.

How easy was it to be veggie?

Veggie is easy – you can eat cheese, eggs, beans, lentils… No veggie burgers or sausages as they’re a bit processed, and I stayed away from gluten most of the month because that’s something that the diet recommends so I didn’t have any pies either.

What about eating out?

Eating out there’s often something OK (ratatouille, some kind of salad, that sort of thing). Only once was there nothing really on plan forcing me (FORCING ME) to eat chips.

What about snacking?

Nuts are OK, as is fruit. So is cheese. So is dark chocolate. Snacking when out is a bit harder, but possible.


Waiting for book group to start, an orange juice & soda water with mixed nuts.  Not 100% on plan (shouldn’t really have fruit juice, just fruit) but not terrible either.

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