Clever guts: effects and side effects

This, the 6th diet in a row, has been interesting and fairly successful in terms of weight loss for me (if not for him). However I have found that my willpower has not been so good, generally, and there have been a couple of “fuckit” beery smoky days.


24 weeks of dieting – with various degrees of rigor and success – has led to considerable weight loss in total (over 15kg and also over 15% of my start weight) so I am not complaining.  And I’m not bored, which I would have been had I stuck to just one plan.

chart (13)

Other stuff

Smoking happened on 6/28 days; drinking on 7/28 days. Yes there was a strong correlation. As usual. Exercise happened most days – I had two days off because I did something to my shoulder putting kayaks on the roof of the car which is an occupational hazard for short people.


Given that this diet is pretty much about digestion and feeding your gut bacteria I guess I have to finish my diet report by talking about poo and farting.

FARTING: It’s been approximately just as farty as usual.  I’m prone to achy guts from time to time and for the last 2-3 weeks I haven’t found things quite as bad, though – I certainly haven’t been woken up by trapped wind type aching digestion which is an improvement. So that’s probably a win. I’m bad enough at sleeping without my guts joining in with the insomnia.

POO: There has been poo. Lots of it. Not in a “world falling out of your arse” way, but in a healthier “lots of fibre” kind of way. There has never been, in any sense, ever, at any point, any constipation (in contrast to some of the low-carb diets). Again, not a problem. Probably a win.


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