Diet #7: Just Write It All Down

After 6 different consecutive 4-week diets I decided – particularly as we’ve got a holiday booked – that diet #7 was going to be light touch.

This month I’m going to make a note of everything I eat or drink that has calories in it.

That’s it.

The idea is that the act of writing stuff down will change behaviour – if I tell myself that I can do what I want as long as I make a note, there are some things I won’t do because I don’t want to write them down.

Current evidence suggests this is partially true. On Monday, I spent most of the day travelling (walk-train-plane-plane-taxi) with a lot of sitting around in airports.  I didn’t eat anything in the first airport, I didn’t drink anything in the first Wetherspoons, and there were lots of cakes and crisps and things that I didn’t eat. I did however have to write down an alarming number of beers later indicating that The Food List Of Shame is not 100% effective at curbing my calorific intake. Ah well. Fuck it, I’m on holiday.


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