The Compliance Question: Just Write it All Down

There’s a sense in which compliance with this diet is easy. Just write everything down on The Food List Of Shame and you’ve complied with the diet. The act of writing things down should stop you from being too mental and eating everything in sight.

However, it turns out that I’m not particularly motivated by shame.


In particular, it turns out that in my mind, The Food List Of Shame is no competition for Fuck It I’m On Holiday.  This hasn’t been a complete blow-out of a month but it’s not been particularly well-behaved either. The best days looked like this:


But there were a few days that looked a bit more like this


This “diet” finishes tomorrow, and I’m going for something a bit more structured next month. I don’t know for certain what the diet score’s going to be on Monday morning but I am expecting this to be the first month where I’ve actually put on weight.

Never mind eh? It was quite fun intermittently eating chips and drinking ale.

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