Just Write It All Down: Effects and Side Effects

Effects? It’s the only 4-week period during this campaign where I’ve actually put on weight.

chart (14)

Look at that lovely graph, ruined. Just look at it.

Only kidding. It was rather fun having a bit of a break from the relentless good behaviour. I found myself drinking too much, smoking quite a lot of cigarettes, eating chips… it was, on many levels, a great month.

Just in case the graph above isn’t clear, here’s my progress on the year, complete with trend line.  July represents a bit of a blip.

Percentage bodyweight lost since Jan 2

Other stuff

I drank on 13/28 days, and I smoked on 13/28 days. Yes there is a correlation.

I got 10k steps on 23/28 days, and generally did a reasonable amount of exercise. Which is fine.



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