Guest post: Just Write It All Down diet review

Last month was the Write it down diet, where you can eat and drink what you like, so long as you write it down. I suppose this is meant to embarrass you into a bit of self control.

Unsurprisingly, this was easy to follow, up to a point. Partly we chose it as we were going on holiday and wanted to feel free to do as we pleased. So for a couple of days I write things down, then realised it was quite hard to remember everything, then went away, then forgot completely.

Gained 7lb in 4 weeks.


So we lived this way for 4 weeks. As you know, I have devised an objective scoring scheme for diets with which you will be familiar, so we can now judge the Write it Down diet. I ate and drank what I wanted so 10 for tolerability. I gained weight, so 0 for effectiveness (once again, the lack of negative numbers is felt).

Month Regime Loss (lb) T E M, α=0.5 M, α=1 M, α=1.5
January Low carb 7 3 8 7 11 15
February Slow carb -12 1 0 1 1 1
March SSSS 3 8 5 10.5 13 16.5
April 5-2 0 8 2 9 10 11
May Astronaut 7 3 8 7 11 15
June Happy Bacteria 0 2 0 2 2 2
June/July Write it down -7 10 0 10 10 10

Next month we will count calories. My diet1 promises to be much better. More anon.

1. Dieting without tears or willpower, Roger Boyle, Y Lolfa, forthcoming 2018. Dr Boyle exhibits a dietary regime that does not alter what you eat, or when you eat it. Likewise what you drink and smoke. The results are astounding. Testimonials: “Roger is my Hero”, H Dee; “He treats food as bathos, and drink with antistrophe.” L Blissett.

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