Calories out catastrophe

With the Calories In Calories Out diet, it’s key to work out how many calories you expend. I choose to do this through the medium of my Garmin watch. As well as counting steps and measuring heart rate, it tracks various sports and estimates calorie expenditure.

The Garmin also produces excellent graphs and maps. Here’s one of my Couch-to-5K sessions (this one was jog 8 minutes, walk 1 minute, repeat).


You can connect the Garmin to other systems and I have recently joined the ranks of fitness nerds over on Strava. Strava which adds a whole new layer of data exploration and visualisation on top of the Garmin site, and it is a really nice piece of work from a tech perspective.  It’s also got some very neat tricks to encourage you to do more in terms of speed and effort, breaking common routes into segments and having leaderboards and so on. Mmmm, data.


The Garmin I have is a VivoActive HR. I chose it because it tracks everything I like to do, including swimming. So imagine my disappointment when it died whilst out on Llanberis lake negotiating an 8-person stand up paddleboard with some small boys. If it has a setting for swim and indeed for SUP, it should surely be able to handle me falling off a paddleboard.


I gave it a rest in a box of rice which didn’t fix it at all. It’s still under warranty, so I can send it off for a replacement. I’m going to be without data nerdery or step counting until it comes through, which is going to be difficult.

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