Diet #9: Vegan

For my 9th consecutive diet-in-a-row I’m going to cut out animal products.

I’ve been vegan before (for 3 years, in my 20s) and am very aware that you don’t have to be healthy – indeed, back then, it was often the case that the only vegan option was chips.  Generally, a lot of the stuff that’s fatty is animal-based in some sense, and sticking to plant-based food should be healthier. Various vegan friends have been suggesting that I join them for one of my 4-week stints, too. One has even lent me a very sweary cookbook. Fuck yeah veganism. Looks tasty.

img_20180814_075826.jpg One clear advantage of the vegan thing is that I know dairy can exacerbate some of my allergies. So a bit of a break from that will make me less sneezy and itchy.

Also, Huel is vegan. Which provides an easy option for meals when planning has failed, or for a healthy breakfast. Turns out that one of our houseguests is also a Huel fan, so breakfast looks a bit branded this week…


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