Vegan lunches and dinners

Breakfasts on a vegan diet are easy if you like Huel. Particularly in the season of mellow fruitfulness – our garden and the hedgerows have been producing plenty of tasty things to put in Huel. Sometimes it turns a rather alarming colour but it’s tasty and healthy so that’s all good.


Lunches for me are usually leftovers so match dinners pretty well. Sometimes, though, I’ve had another Huel (which is not a problem – I like Huel).

Vegan dinners take a bit of thought; I have been eating a lot of curries and chilis which works well for me.  The key to this approach to eating is variety, which is easier to engineer than it first seems. If you’re making a curry or a chili, make double or treble and freeze in small pots. That way, you can always have a couple of different curries or chillis when you eat which is much more entertaining than a big plate of the same thing.


Recommendation – Marrow curry!

For those of you who, like us, occasionally miss a courgette whilst picking and end up with a monster…


this recipe for Marrow Curry is very nice. I made a double portion and froze a load at the start of the month and we’ve been defrosting a block every now and then.


If you have a freezer with a load of different vegan curries in it, it’s also nice and easy to do slightly more elaborate things like Masala Dosa.

Recipe alert – Pancakes! Curry! Curry pancakes!

To make an approximation of Dosa pancakes, you need:

  • 4oz rice flour
  • 4oz gram (chickpea) flour
  • Pinch salt
  • Water

Sieve the flours & salt, whisk with enough water to give it the texture of single cream, and leave it to sit for 24h whisking whenever you walk past. The sitting lets the flours soak up a bit more of the water and it becomes more like a batter than a floury liquid. Then fry it like you would a normal pancake, although you probably need a bit more oil than you think you do.

Serve with a variety of curries, desecrated coconut and some grated carrot – delish.


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