Vegan: it doesn’t have to be healthy

Since I was last vegan (in the late 1990s, so quite some time ago) it’s become a lot easier. I’ve managed 100% compliance with this diet and it really hasn’t been a challenge.

Way back in the last century when I was vegan for a couple of years, I lost a lot of weight. Back then, though,  often there were no vegan options in restaurants, and very rarely vegan cakes or puddings. Now, a lot of places will have a vegan option for each course. Over the last month in restaurants or cafes I’ve eaten coconut panna-cotta, triple-dark chocolate brownies, bara brith, and various fruit sorbets. All lovely. All pretty high in calories.

Last weekend I was at a festival, and I took a load of Huel (which has to be the perfect lazy festival food). Turns out that 4/7 catering vans did vegan food so I could have happily eaten from the takeaways all weekend.  One van was specifically vegan (and the source of the aforementioned bara brith). As well as cake, they did two different types of burger, chips, curry, and chip shop curry sauce. YUM.


I also ended up making some unhealthy food of my own, for a leaving do. Chocolate golden syrup flapjacks. Ingredients – oats, sugar, golden syrup, margarine, dark chocolate. Doesn’t really matter about quantites, but I go for approximately equal quantities then faff around until it looks right.


MMMMMMmmm golden syrup. Isn’t it nice?

I guess this diet might not turn out to be the best for weight loss. It has been pretty good for cake and chips though.

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