Vegan: effects and side effects

I enjoyed being vegan for a month. I like vegetarian food, and I have yet to find the vegetable I don’t enjoy. Nearly all restaurants and cafes have a vegan option. Going for a curry is trivial, avocados are in (as is toast), and during late August the blackberry season gives a real tasty bonus. Mmm, blackberry and apple crumble. Mmm, avocado on toast…


I certainly didn’t go hungry, and I didn’t really miss much. Indeed on the last day I deliberately went out and bought a roll so I could breakfast on beans & toast.


That said, now I’m no longer vegan, I have eaten a few eggs.


Perhaps unsurprisingly I didn’t lose a massive amount of weight but I did lose an average of a pound a week, which is just fine. The summer has largely been spent regaining the position I was in before the non-diet of “Just Write It All Down”, without letting myself get too stressed about it.

Percentage bodyweight lost since Jan 2 (2)

Other stuff

Unsurprisingly my vegetarian score is 28 days/28. No booze, no fags, so doing well there.

I’ve also been doing a lot more exercise, including some weights and some stretching. I’ve run a 5K all the way, and done some pretty long hikes, and started occasionally going to spin classes (and I might even take up pilates). All this activity means that my 10k steps score is 27/28, and my getting some exercise score is 25/28.  Exercise is certainly easier and more fun when a bit thinner.

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