Back on the wagons

I’ve had a couple of weeks on the diet which I call “fuck it”. It’s been fun.

clear glass beer mug filled with beer
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The willpower fairies are back now and I’m on a new diet.

This one is of my own invention. I’m calling it “the low effort diet”. Everything seems quite a lot of effort at the moment so this regime is designed to be easy. The rules:

  • HUEL for breakfast, lunch and most of the day.
  • Fruit and nuts for snacks – this includes my new favourite thing, Nakd bars, if they also only contain fruit and nuts.
  • In the evening, a sensible meal made out of proper food, probably from the slow cooker, not fried.
  • Once a week, if I’m invited out to something, I can eat anything I want (this is known as the “Meg’s birthday is coming up” clause).

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