Paleo effects and side effects

On the Paleo diet I did reasonably well. However, compliance wasn’t easy and I found myself towards the end of the 4-week period eating more and more stuff which just was not on plan. So I don’t think it’s been a fair trial for the diet (in pounds: put on 1, lost 1.5, lost 2.5, put on 4 – overall result, gained 1lb).

I didn’t mind it as a regime, but it did make it hard to be veggie. That said, as I’m going through a bit of a “chuck it in the fuckit bucket” phase at the moment, who cares?


Percentage bodyweight lost since Jan 2 (7)
percentage bodyweight lost since jan 2 – you can see that there’s not been much progress all summer, to be honest, but never mind.

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