A year in diets

New year, new start, new set of diets, same old clichés… but before I talk about future plans let’s look at past successes and mistakes. In particular, the graph, which hasn’t been updated since last October… when I moved on to the final diet of 2018 AKA “Fuckit”.

percentage bodyweight lost since jan 2(1)

Last year I did my best to adhere to the following diets

  1. Generic Low Carb
  2. Slow Carb (like low carb but with beans and less fat and a really annoying book)
  3. No-S (no sweets no snacks no seconds except on days that begin with an s)
  4. Intermittent fasting (5:2)
  5. Huel (vegan meal replacement shakes)
  6. Clever Guts (Mediterranean with extra kefir and sauerkraut)
  7. Just Write It All Down
  8. Calories In-Calories Out
  9. Vegan
  10. Paleo (pretend you’re a cavewoman)
  11. Fuckit (don’t follow any diet at all)

The willpower fairies fucked off good and proper in October and thus for the last 2.5 months or so of last year I was on a non-diet. This meant a lot more egg on toast and a few more veggie-burgers than were strictly necessary. I put back on some of the weight that I’d lost – but not all. I finished the year 12.5% lighter than I started which I’m counting as a win.


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