Diet #11: BS-Free

Diet 1 of 2019 is a diet of my own invention (again).

Lots of people give up sugar. Lots of people have suggested I give up sugar as one of my diets. Spending four weeks sugar free – that means nothing with added sugar, and no sugar added to anything. No cakes. No sweets. No chocolate.  Most processed food is out. It’s surprising how many things have a little bit of sugar in them, when you start looking. I figure that’s a good start.

However, for me, just giving up sugar could be a bit too easy. I’m not really sweet toothed; I don’t see sugar as being a major part of my diet.  So my modification to the “no sugar” diet is a further restriction: I decided to also give up bread.  Just bread, mind. Crackers and Ryvita are fine (as long as they don’t contain sugar).

Thus, diet one is going to be no sugar or bread. I’m going to call it “BS-free” – that is, bread-and-sugar-free.


January is a traditional time to give up alcohol, so I’m doing that too, but that’s not part of the diet, that’s just a normal January.

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