Diet #11: not really a diet

2019 started with a simple diet. No bread, no sugar, no booze. Also no cigarettes. This could have been a healthy diet but fairly early on we worked out what could be snacked on (crackers, cheese, marmite, butter, NAKD fruit bars …) and did a lot of snacking in front of the telly. When out, snacking is also pretty straightforward.

At least the beer is low calorie

Also, no bread means no nan or chappati, but it doesn’t mean no rice or pancakes. Mmmm, masala dosa. We were passing through Euston one day so even stopped at our favourite dosa cafe on Drummond Street.

Masala dosa at Diwana Bhel Poori house, Drummond Street, London

Lunches meant leftovers, which is a good call if your dinners are healthy but a bad call if they’r’e not. Breakfasts were Huel or cereal, no problems there. If we’d had masala dosa for dinner, the leftover pancake batter makes a superb breakfast with lemon juice or philadelphia cheese and sweetener. Home made masala dosa are the best, for a number of reasons, and they rarely fit in a diet (being neither low fat nor low carb). So we treated ourselves to a lot of curry pancakes. Mmmm masala dosa.

Homemade Masala Dosa with dal sambhar and aloo sag.

Eating out was pretty easy, what with steak and chips being alright, and any salad without croutons similarly within the rules. To be honest, this wasn’t really much of a “diet” at all.  Which is confirmed by the scales – after 4 weeks of no bread or sugar, I’ve put on nearly a kilo.

Other stuff?

I did some kind of exercise every single day, I got my 10k steps every single day, and I didn’t have a cigarette at all. 21/28 days were veggie, so that’s a solid 75%.


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