Diet #12 – Slimming World (at home)

After the damp squib non-diet of #11 I have gone for a pretty major diet for #12.

Slimming world is a long-standing diet club which has a plan that works pretty well. It worked well for me when I last did it, going to classes, paying money and getting weighed every week. For diet #12 I’m going to follow the Slimming World (SW) plan but without going to meetings. I figure that if I were in a diet club taking it seriously the last thing I’d want is a sarcastic blogger type turning up for 4 weeks to take the piss.

Good foods Bad foods (but see below…)
Fruit (except really fatty things like avocados and coconuts)
Vegetables (except really fatty things like olives)
Lean Meat
Fat free yoghurt, cottage cheese, fromage frais
Low fat veggi stuff (quorn, tofu)
Pasta, rice, quinoa, bulgur wheat, etc.
Beans and chickpeas and so on
Dairy with fat in
Bread, biscuits, crackers, cakes…
Processed foods like sausages
Sugar and things containing sugar
Cooked or dried fruit
Flours and stuff made from flours
Fatty meat

Nothing is strictly off-limits with SW. Every day you get a few “healthy extra” options which are either dairy or fibre based; so you can have a set quantity of milk or cheese as a healthy extra, and a couple of pieces of bread, or some ryvitas as the other one. I’m not going to write out the diet or the full food lists in detail here, as there are plenty of places you can find the lists on the web. If you want something that’s not a healthy extra (e.g., booze or chocolate) you get a certain number of syns to spend on food each day.

Generally I get on better with diets that have a list of foods that can be eaten in large quantities than with diets where I have to count everything I eat. So SW should work well for me.

So far we’ve had a lot of curry which in my view is a pretty good thing. Rice is fine,  as are beans and chickpeas, so curry works well. You can’t use any oil in it but that’s OK. It’s not as nice as a curry made properly, but it’s not terrible.


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