Diet #13: The Nordic Diet

The Nordic Diet is an eating program that various people seem to have tried to get to go viral, but it has never made it to the big league. There were a lot of newspaper and magazine articles about 5 years ago and there’s been another spike of interest recently. But it’s never had the popularity of the Meditteranean diet, despite the fact that it’s easier to spell.

Indeed, if you look at the past 5 years of Google Trends for the Nordic Diet you can see that there was a peak at the end of 2014/start of 2015, and again a few peaks late 2017 and mid 2018 but generally there’s not much going on. If you compare Google trends for Meditteranean diet with Nordic diet, it’s pretty similar in terms of interest just without the clear peaks. HOWEVER, if instead we choose to spell Mediterranean correctly, the trend comparison shows that the Nordic diet doesn’t come close.

I think that proves my point. The Nordic Diet – about as popular as misspelling the Mediterranean diet.  I’m going to do it anyway though, as the Nordic Diet has some strong branding and makes quite a lot of sense. “The ultimate diet for weight loss, health and happiness“.

So! What is the Nordic diet? In a sentence: it’s like the Mediterranean diet, but with more root vegetables and more rapeseed oil.

In a bit more detail – according to Trine Hahneman’s Eat Nordic book – my summary would be…

Sensible portions…

  • 3 meals a day. Eat sitting down and take time over eating. Always have some veg or salad.
  • 3 snacks a day tops. Example snacks: Piece of rye bread with cottage cheese, a couple of pieces of fruit, some non-fat yoghurt with berries, a small piece of dark chocolate, a handful of nuts.
  • Outside this, snack on raw veg if you have to.

…of low-fat high fibre food

  • Most of your plate should be veg, and preferably in season veg. Root veg, pickled veg, all sorts of veg.
  • Bread and stuff should be rye and preferably posh (organic, home made).
  • Minimise oil and fat, and when you do have it, make it posh (cold pressed rapeseed).
  • Dairy should be low fat or no fat: cottage cheese, skyr, etc. Eggs are good.
  • Oats are in, so’s barley and all sorts of other cereals and grains.
  • Don’t eat too much meat or fish. Lean meat, poultry or game, 2-3 times a week tops; fish 2-3 times a week, rest of the time veggie. For us this is a bit too much meat so we’ll be more veggie than this.
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