The Compliance Question: Slimming World

Sticking to the Slimming World diet was easy – it’s a generic low fat diet without much of a portion control element (you get a limited amount of cheese/grains, and some Syns to spend on misbehaviour, but generally you eat from a pretty long list). I’m still doing Dry Hanuary* so booze wasn’t a problem.

What about lunches?

Leftovers, salads, baked potatoes. Easy.

What about business travel?

In the morning, you can have fruit, veg, poached eggs, grilled veg, and meat without visible fat.  There’s the “Healthy Extra” system, which means you’re allowed a little bit of cheese, or some milk, as a dairy extra; you’re also allowed a fibre extra so a piece of wholemeal bread, or some oats, or bran flakes, or ryvita. So breakfast buffets are do-able. If you can stay self-catering it’s easy – fat free yoghurt and fruit.


Out and about on trains it’s obviously easiest to pack something, but you can usually get a bag of salad and some lean meat in a supermarket.

How easy was it to be veggie?

Veggie is easy – you can eat fat free dairy, eggs, beans, lentils, Quorn… Not many veggie burgers, I think, and the only sausages allowed are Quorn or Linda McCartney red onion and rosemary (which are rather nice) . But if you like beans it’s fine. I like beans.

What about eating out?

Eating out there’s often something OK that’s mostly vegetables (ratatouille, some kind of salad, baked potato with cottage cheese). Pasta is OK, so is rice, so is lean meat, so for a curry you can have plain rice with tandoori stuff and it’s pretty close to on-plan, and a tomato pasta dish is also fine.

What about snacking?

Fruit. Yoghurt. Fruit with Yoghurt. Raw Veg. Salad. We generally had a pot of soup on the stove (“Good for you soup“, recipe = whatever vegetables were in the fridge and about to go off, some stock, and a tin of beans/chickpeas) to dip into when we got really hungry.

*Hanuary starts at approximately the same time as January but goes on for longer.

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