Slimming world: greatest hits

Slimming world was, for me, a good month. One of the diets I could definitely return to. Decent portions, and a massive range of recipes to choose from. I guess it’s the advantage that comes with being an international franchise – even without going to a meeting I was able to find tons of recipes online, choose menus from a cookbook (which I’ve had for ages), and pick up a magazine in a shop giving me a whole new set of recipes to try.   These are the ones which we will continue to eat again and again:

Caldo Verde

This portuguese soup with a little water, chilli, smoked paprika, onion, a lot of stock, potatoes, cannelini beans and kale is lovely.


You can find the official recipe online here at the Slimming World site. If they take it down, you can probably make up a recipe that works by putting those ingredients in a pan in approximately that order.

Chilli, chive and beetroot risotto

This recipe comes from the Slimming World Free Foods book, which is old now (online there are lots of people complaining it’s not the current version of slimming world) and you can get lots of copies cheap on ebay. Some of the recipes are still great. This is one of them. Lots of beetroot so it looks alarmingly red but that’s OK by me, I love beetroot.


It’s a chilli, an onion, and 2 garlics fried in a bit of fry light, then add some beetroot cubes and some carrot cubes. Stir. Add rice, stock, stir. Add more stock a bit at a time till the rice is done, garnish with more chives and some natural yoghurt and some extra chilli if you are that way inclined. Yum.

Cheesy Lentil Lasagne

Make a low fat lentil sauce (tomatoes, brown lentils, garlic, herbs, onions, mushrooms, red peppers, grate some carrots to give it some sweetness and texture and don’t use any oil). Layer it with lasagne, zap some cottage cheese in the food processor and pour that on top as though it’s sauce. Grate a tiny bit of hard cheese (cheddar/parmesan) on top of that (30-40g). Bake. It’s not quite lasagne, but it tastes OK and it’s pretty filling.

It didn’t look like the picture in the magazine (but it tasted fine)

Black bean rice

Rice, onions, garlic, peppers, black beans, spring onion, coriander, salt and pepper. We used brown basmati rice. MMMMmm. Lovely with some vegi sausages.

Low fat slaw

Cabbage (I used half white, half red), 1 fennel bulb, 2 apples, carrot, lemon, parsley, plain yoghurt, salt and pepper.


Any  stew or curry dish – providing it’s made from vegetables – can be adapted to Slimming World. You can’t use oil, so what you end up doing is heating the spices and the garlic and the onion and the ginger in a couple of tablespoons of water or lemon juice instead of a couple of tablespoons of oil. This, of course, doesn’t taste the same, but it isn’t terrible. Raita is fine made with fat free yoghurt. You have to count chutneys as your syns but they’re not that expensive, in the Slimming World currency.

Mixed lentils, aubergine and pea, spinach and potato, rice, raita.

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