Exercise and the power of random

In order to encourage myself to do a bit more exercise, I have written myself a random exercise plan generator. The thinking behind this supremely dorky piece of self-organisation is that a little bit of exercise is better than no exercise, and by planning ahead (even if it means randomising the exercise) I’ll get more done. I’ve been using it all year so far and it’s working pretty well. Well, I’m getting exercise most days which is the aim.

You tell it how much time you have each day and what types of exercise you might be up for doing, and it tells you what to do each day.  It assumes that exercise classes are an hour long but other than that it’s a really stupid program, which just shuffles stuff around.

Pretty early on I realised that an entirely random exercise plan was stupid. What if it told me to go for a 15 minute walk (where’s the point)?  Or a 2 hour swim (I’d die of boredom)? What if it told me to do the same thing 3 days in a row? What if I really want to make it to Rachel’s Pilates class on a Tuesday but the randomiser tells me to do some weights instead?

SO I made 2 modifications.

  • Firstly, you can write in an exercise for any day of the week so if you want to go to Pilates on a Tuesday just write it in. There’s actually a drop down for Parkrun as I’m so obsessed with that now.
  • Secondly, if you don’t like the plan, you can click the “Generate Plan” button again and get a fresh one – so just keep clicking until you like the look of it. Easy eh?

For me, next week will look like this:

on Monday, do 30 minutes of Swimming
on Tuesday, do 45 minutes of Pilates
on Wednesday, do 30 minutes of Gym Cardio
on Thursday, do 60 minutes of Jogging
on Friday, do 30 minutes of Gym Cardio
on Saturday, it’s Parkrun day!
on Sunday, do 60 minutes of Cycling

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