The compliance question: Nordic Diet

Sticking to the Nordic Diet was pretty easy – it’s broadly speaking a lots of veg & low fat diet with a high fibre element (plus some oil and occasional nuts/seeds which livens things up a bit). You’re supposed to eat lots of fish but I generally only eat fish/meat about once a week so that didn’t really happen. I’m still doing Dry Hanuary* so booze wasn’t a problem.

What about lunches?

Rye bread is in on this diet so that nice tasty black German style bread is fine. A piece of that, some salad and some cottage cheese is a fine lunch. Obviously, leftovers are also a fine lunch.

What about travel?

There was a weekend away, during which I said “sod the diet” and ate some strange food. A post-Parkrun cooked breakfast of black beans, tofu, hash browns, kale, char-grilled brussels sprouts and cashews was a particular highlight – I never would have thought that was what I wanted for breakfast but it certainly hit the spot. Other than that travel was pretty easy; skim milk and porridge is good, salads are fine, potatoes are in as long as they’re not chips.  You can’t just grab a sandwich, though.

How easy was it to be veggie?

The book has exactly 10 vegetarian recipes and we tried 9 of these. I did search for more, and found a list of 10 Nordic Vegetarian Recipes which are actually exactly the same (pictures, too) as the ones in the book. The one we didn’t try was the pizza. The one I liked the best was Barley-otto – basically risotto made with Barley. I’m going to eat that again. Combining it with the beetroot and chilli risotto from last month’s Slimming World diet made a fine meal.


What about eating out?

Avoid bread, avoid fatty stuff, and you’re OK. Fish is good, and potatoes are fine, so a lot of menus have something that will work. I ate quite a lot of salmon salad (in particular the Salmon Niçoise at the Glengower).

What about snacking?

Ryvita and cottage cheese, rye bread and cottage cheese, fruit, yoghurt. Fine.

*Hanuary starts at approximately the same time as January but goes on for longer.

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