Diets so far

Each diet has been followed, more or less, for 4 weeks.


  1. Low carb (lost loads, quite enjoyed eating different food)
  2. Slow carb (didn’t lose much, didn’t enjoy it)
  3. No-S (lost a fair amount, found it easy to stick to)
  4. Intermittent fasting (5:2) (didn’t lose much at all, but it was OK)
  5. Huel (lost loads, found it surprisingly pleasant)
  6. Clever Guts (lost quite a bit, actually quite enjoyed eating different food)
  7. Just Write It All Down (JWIAD) (actually put on 6lb, had quite a lot of fun)
  8. CICO Calories in-Calories out (lost pretty consistently until my Garmin died, fiddly)
  9. Vegan (easy to stick to but not as healthy as you might think)
  10. Paleo (not terrible but I think I was running out of steam towards the end)


  1. BS-Free (no bread, no sugar)
  2. SW (Slimming World from cookbooks, forums and magazines, not meetings)
  3. Nordic (not bad, I do like rye bread, although the cookbook is a bit short on veggie stuff)
  4. Low GI

Current favourite: No-S