Possible future diets

  • Photograph your food
    Eat anything, just take a photo of it
  • That diet off the telly
    Xand van Tulleken’s How to Lose Weight Well
  • Another one from the box
    Xand van Tulleken’s Low carb thingy (although this one and the previous could be a little similar)
  • An online diet club
    Weightwatchers, probably, because it’s cheaper
  • Old school low fat
    Ryvita! Cottage Cheese! Low fat cooking spray!
  • The Mediterranean Diet
    like the Nordic diet but with fewer root vegetables and more olive oil.
  • The South Beach Diet
    A fad diet with low carb & low fat elements. Not clear exactly on what it involves, but it looks like it’s chicken salad for a fortnight, then maybe some carbs.
  • Lean in 15
    Joe Wicks trendy diet stuff (now he has a vegetarian cookbook).
  • Compressed eating AKA 16:8
    Eat anything, but only within an 8 hour window
  • Whole30
    a challenge to eat a restricted food list of healthy stuff for 30 days. Of course, I’d do Whole28 because my diets are 28 days long.
  • Lose Weight for Good by Tom Kerridge another bloke off the telly
  • I can make you thin the Paul McKenna way of losing weight. I have no idea what this involves but I have the book and the CD (retro!)

Any more suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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